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31 Days to a Happy Home – Day 3: Reality

Hello and Welcome to Happy Mama Life! This is my series for the Write 31 Days Challenge and I’m calling it 31 Days to a Happy Home.

Day 3 – Reality

Yesterday I asked you to think about your perfect home and what that would look like.

Of course, we all know that we aren’t going to have a perfect home – especially if we have kids, ha! But I think it helps to start there in our thinking to help us identify some of our goals.

So my next step (because remember, I’m on this journey with you!) is to compare my “perfect idea” with the reality of what is possible.

Some of the things on my list are completely doable with a little planning, organizing, and actually doing the work. Others are something to strive for, but most likely won’t be perfect. For example, I listed “fresh, clean, uncluttered space”. Now I have four children, under the age of six, so that doesn’t happen in perfection. There are toys and books out a lot because I want my kids to play and to enjoy reading. But it does help to have fewer toys that they really enjoy and that can be put away easily at the end of the day.

Another example would be that I wrote “dinner is cooked every night in a relaxed fashion and I have everything I need at my fingertips. Again, I have kids so “relaxed fashion” is a pipe dream! But I can save myself a lot of brain work by having a list of meals we enjoy and by knowing what we are having for dinner early in the day.

Those are just my examples, I know you will have your own. I’ll continue this idea of casting a vision for your home tomorrow, but start today by looking at your “perfect” list and thinking about which ideas are doable and which ones need some tweaking to fit into your reality.

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