Sometimes when I’m perusing Pinterest I see all the things and think how some people do so much. Some moms do way more than I do, things like work, craft, do photography, run businesses, or just keep their house nice and clean.

And then I read posts about ways to get more done every day, or how to get things done faster so you can do more. And I think those ideas are all great, and I’m glad that so many women are talented in so many ways and they are finding ways to do more.

But for me, that just doesn’t stir my heart. I don’t get excited about having a long to do list or about stretching every second to be the most productive. I want to sit and enjoy, to breathe and take in the moments.

I want to do less.

(Please don’t misunderstand me, sometimes I wish that I wanted to do more, or that I was gifted in the ways some women are, but that’s just not who I am. I really want to cheer women on to do the things they are called to do!)

As I read ideas for getting through tasks quickly or time saving methods, I think of them as a way to have more freedom. If the house is clean enough and dinner is in the crockpot then we are free to go to the park after nap time. If our workout is done in twenty-five minutes first thing in the morning, I’m free to sit and talk with my husband at night after the kids are in bed. If my morning routine of getting dressed and ready is quick and easy then I’m free to sit in the floor and play with my kids.

I’ve been writing blog posts in my mind for a few months now – you know thinking through them at times when my hands are too full to actually type them. And now I’m ready to get them out of my mind and written down. All of the upcoming posts are about doing less and being more. Simplifying tasks so we’re free to enjoy life. It’s a message that has been on my heart for a while, but I believe The Lord has been honing it and refining it so that it’s a clear message, and now is the right time.

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